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Adri B.

Becky's Sunday Night Stretch was a great way to end the weekend! A great stretch and good music. Becky brings great energy. Anybody can take and enjoy this class!


Erin S.

This class  was awesome and just what I needed to start seeing what my boy can still do after years at a sedentary job and a pandemic. Becky explained EVERYTHING she did an constantly said there should be no pain and to go at my own pace. That was a great reminder that we are not all at the same level but we can all have fun and benefit!


Tessa P.

I've always been skeptical about doing a workout class, but Becky made [I Want it That Weight] so fun and comfortable. Being in a group class helped me to push myself to keep going. The 90s music was also a big plus!


Bonnie S.

Being a senior, COVID has kept me isolated and inactive. My body became sore, tight and with little range of motion. After my first class with Becky, I knew this was for me. I love the way Becky instructs, and the choice of stretches are easy enough for me, but powerful. I felt an improvement in my muscles right away.

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