7 Powerful Reasons to Take a Virtual Fitness Class

Let’s not kid ourselves. There are a host of fitness programs out there. You have in-person pilates, Zumba, and even spin classes. So why take a virtual fitness class with a live fitness instructor?

Of course, during the pandemic, many normally in-person activities came to a grinding halt. And many of our exercise routines were in the same boat. In many ways, virtual fitness came to our rescue, helping us to stay fit while social distancing and even sheltering in place.

But many are realizing that virtual is a good idea, even beyond the pandemic.

What is so great about virtual fitness?

Let’s look at 7 reasons you should consider making virtual fitness classes part of your weekly routine.

7 Reasons You Should Try a Virtual Fitness Class

Reason to take a virtual fitness class: no commute

1. Skip the Commute

We all have hectic days -- you’ve just rushed home from a day at the office that makes chickens running around with their heads cut off look like a relaxing vacation. And you have a million things to do. Spending 10 minutes driving to the gym can sometimes feel like a lifetime.

Plus, for many of my clients who deal with chronic illness, a commute to a local fitness center might feel nearly impossible some days.

But with a virtual class, you just need to put on comfortable clothes, roll out your mat, and you’re golden!

2. Try New Things

Ever want to try a barre class? Do you want to see if a Pilates blend classes is for you? Many people I work with have only heard of these kinds of classes in passing. But these classes introduce new movements and exercises that can really spice up your routine.

But what if your local fitness center doesn’t offer the new kinds of classes that interest you? With virtual fitness, you are not limited to just your local offerings. You have the ability to expand your fitness routine and include new movements that get you closer to your fitness goals.

3. Follow Along with an Expert

When you exercise by yourself, it’s easy to fall into a rut, doing the same exercises again and again.

But when you follow an expert instructor, you tap into their knowledge base. This will give you access to new moves and even provide insight on ways to vary your routine. For example, I regularly share ways to vary a move in order to intensify a workout or even take it down a level for beginners.

Reason to take a virtual fitness class: Turn off the camera

4. Turn Off the Camera If You Want

Don’t get me wrong -- I love seeing my clients exercising right along with me. But I also get it. It can be intimidating to exercise when you feel like you are on display for the entire world -- even if that world is a handful of other people.

But that’s another great bonus about a zoom fitness class. You have the freedom to do all of your classes with your camera off so that you can focus on yourself and your personal fitness goals.

You might have a day when you feel like pushing yourself to the next level and sweating like crazy. You might have another day when you’re exhausted and sore and decide to take your exercise activity down a notch. Both are okay. And with the ability to turn that camera off, you can go at your own pace with no fear of judgment.

5. Build Your Confidence

Perhaps you are looking for a stepping stone in your fitness routine. Perhaps your friends are doing some live class or fitness event (running a 5K, anyone?), and you want to join in, but you want to build up to that level first.

A virtual class can give you the no-pressure environment you need to build your confidence and act as a bridge to that next, big goal of yours.

6. Get to Know Your Instructor

It’s no secret that there are virtual programs out there -- you can exercise on your Wii, sign up for FitBit, or even go Peloton, if you have the cash for it.

So why sign up for a live, instructor-led class? Well, not to make it too personal, but you develop a real feel for your instructor and vice versa.

Getting to know your instructor allows you to follow along with ease and get comfortable with each routine. With time, you become excited about each class because you know who will be waiting for you on the other side.

Reason to take a virtual fitness class: ask questions

7. Feel Free to Ask Questions

Whether you are new to fitness programs or you’ve taken tons over the years, questions do come up. Whether you want a class recommendation based on your experience and fitness level, or want to know how to spice up your routine, a virtual class instructor can point you in the right direction.

With a virtual class, you are just an email away from your instructor. And your question will not get lost in the sea of thousands of other members, as with other big-brand, online fitness programs. You know exactly who will see your question and answer it.

Whether or not you are sold on the idea of a virtual fitness class, I definitely encourage you to check one out for yourself. It’s a fun and engaging way to vary your fitness routine, right from the comfort of home.

Feel free to check out my fitness programs to see if any fit your goals and interests.

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