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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I get it, the struggle is real. We are all tired and busy and 2020 added a whole new element of stress and exhaustion to our lives. Our minds may say "you should work out" but our bodies say, ".....but I like potato chips and Netflix!"

Take it from a girl who has never met a chip she didn't like, I am all about that life! But I want you to enjoy your binge-watching evenings AND love you exercise routine.

So...how?! When we are already down and not in the routine of regular exercise, how do we get motivated? Here are some tips to help you find (and maintain!) that motivation:


Tip #1 for getting motivated is to set reasonable goals! No one expects you to complete a 45 minute HIIT workout or deadlift 150lbs on day one, so why are you expecting it from yourself? Sometimes we expect way too much of ourselves when we are starting out, and that will inevitably lead to discouragement which can cause us to give up.

After I had surgery in September, I could literally only walk up and down the street 2 times a day -- and that is where I had to start to build up my strength again. So find what works for you and start from there! A great option is my "Sunday Night Stretch" workout - a flexibility workout to help you get your body moving!


I have tried my entire adult life to become a runner. Track running, treadmill running, running around my neighborhood; short distance, long distance, sprinting - I've done it all. And I hate it all. Doesn't the idea of being a runner sound so fancy? Waking up early, throwing on your sneakers and running all of your cares away! I want to love it. but I don't. I hate it.

So I'm not going to be a runner. And you know what? It's fine. Because tip #2 for getting motivated is "Find Exercise That You Enjoy". Trying over and over again to do something that you dislike, and ultimately "failing" at it, makes your brain connect exercise with something miserable -- the complete opposite of an attitude that'll help maintain motivation.

Maybe you love running! And honestly, I'm jealous if you do! I have found that what works for me is strength and flexibility training, riding my bike, and some cardio here and there. Finding what I enjoy has helped me to create a routine that I look forward to and love!

Remember that everyone if different -- what works for someone else may not be what you enjoy. Be open to trying different types of workouts, and you can find what you love so that exercise feels less like work and more like fun! And when you are having fun you will be motivated to keep going!


I'm not sure about you, but I am constantly trying to fit 1,000 things into a day. And if there is something that is going to be dropped -- it's going to be the most inconvenient task on my to do list!

If we are trying to fit exercising into an overcrowded schedule, or daily battling with the little voice inside our head that is saying "I should be working out", it is unlikely that we will find motivation if we don't make it convenient for ourselves.

So, how do we make it convenient? Do you love mornings? Prepare for an early morning workout by setting your clothes out the night before. Have your water bottle and a light snack in the fridge ready to go. Set your coffee maker on a timer so it's ready to give you that early morning boost, or as a post-workout reward!

Not a morning person? Never seen the sunrise before? No worries! Why not join a gym on the way home from your work? Pack your workout clothes and change before you leave work. Bring a pre-dinner snack with you so that you have something to give you the energy you need on the way to the gym.

Not commuting? I am a dental hygienist and I always tell my patients that it is generally easier to add flossing to a routine that you already have, then to make a new habit. (Watching TV at night, showering, riding as a passenger in the car. It's funny, but I'm not joking!) The same can be applied to exercising. Do you need to do a quick errand in town? Why not take a midday walk to where you need to go? Blast some 90s pop music and dance around your kitchen while you do dishes. Watch "The Office" and do 2 squats and 3 jumping jacks every time Jim looks at the camera!

Whatever works for you -- just get moving! If there is one thing COVID has taught us is just how much can be done online. Online workout and exercise classes are more available than ever! If you are interested in checking out one of my classes, you can find the full schedule here.


One of the best ways to get motivated for exercise is to make a commitment to someone else! Whether it is signing up for a workout program or going out for a walk with a friend - having someone expecting you to show up can make all the difference.

It can be easy to say "oh, I'll work out tomorrow" if you have set a time on your personal calendar, but if you have made a commitment to another person you most likely are not going to want to disappoint them. It may be all the motivation that you need to get going!

"Find your people" means to include in your circle friends that motivate and inspire you to get your body moving. When you surround yourself with people who are eager to exercise, that enthusiasm will naturally rub off on you!


And of course, the final tip for motivation is to reward yourself! That may look different for everyone. Some people are satisfied with the intrinsic reward of accomplishing something they set out to do, while others need something more tangible.

Maybe after a week of completing your scheduled workouts you can reward yourself on the weekend with your favorite relaxing activity! How about after a month of regularly working out, reward yourself with some new workout clothes? (or another purchase that gets you excited!)

Although I do not recommend rewarding yourself with food, I have been known to reward myself with the post-workout Starbucks coffee on occasion! However you decide to reward yourself, that may just be the positive reinforcement that you need to keep going!


Whether you are struggling with a crazy schedule, chronic disease, lack of energy, or jus unsure of where to begin, you can absolutely get into an exercise routine that works for you! And I hope these tips help!

Stay strong and s m i l e .

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