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About my workouts

If you already checked out the "About Me" page, you know that my job and chronic illness take a toll on my body! And I want to help others that are in a similar situation as me.

I have found that strength and flexibility training has improved my stamina and helped me to be able to handle every day challenges. There is so much more to exercise than just improving appearance. Exercise benefits our mental health, improves stability, and gives our body the strength it needs in order to function properly!

You will find in my workouts a mix of strength, flexibility, and functional exercises. All of the exercises can be modified to suit YOUR fitness level and physical ability. 

I want you to be excited about taking care of your body! I want you to have the confidence to try something new! And I want you to have the motivation to keep going no matter what life throws at you!

Join me on this journey as we stay strong and s m i l e !

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